Why the Renault Clio Is Très Populaire

Renault Clio: Why so Popular?This year the Renault Clio celebrates 25 years in production. Debuting in 1991, the très chic French super-mini was an instant success in the UK. The second generation released in 1998 proved even more popular, helped by the successful advertising campaign featuring ‘Nicole and Papa’.

Now the fourth generation has been released, here’s a brief look at why this cute and sporty little number is still so popular!


The new generation Renault Clio is the most stylish super-mini on the market today. The positioning of the headlamps and the chrome-lined bonnet add to its lovable look, while the sloping roof-line gives it a more attractive and streamlined appearance. The new Clio is also popular for its sleek design including the hidden back doors, which give the car a sporty, 3-door look while offering the practicalities of a 5-door model.

The glossy black and chrome trimmed interior looks very classy, as does the modern looking touchscreen Dynamique Nav control that’s used for sat nav, entertainment and air conditioning.


The front is spacious, but the sloping roof design slightly limits room in the back. However, the discreet back doors make it easier for getting babies and toddlers in and out. The boot has 300-litre capacity, which is more than enough for pushchairs and shopping bags. The Clio is comfortable, quiet and the light steering makes it very easy to drive. With 5 stars in the Euro NCAP safety tests, it’s one of the safest cars around and is perfect for a young family.


Available in petrol and diesel models the Clio is nippy, yet smooth and handles road surfaces and bumps very well. For those who want more ‘umph’, the RenaultSport model is fast and fun.

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