What’s Involved in a standard Car Service?

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When you buy a car you need to have it regularly serviced to keep it well maintained, reliable and safe. Think of it as a routine check-up at the doctor’s. Regular servicing is also essential if you eventually want to sell your car. All services should be registered in your service manual so you can show a full service history when it the time comes to sell.

So what’s actually involved in a car service? Here’s a brief look at what’s checked during a basic and full service.

Basic Service

A basic service involves oil and filter changes. Over time, oil gets dirty and clogs up engine parts so it’s necessary to get the oil and filters changed regularly. For an average family car an oil change is recommended at approximately 5,000 miles.

A good service mechanic will also top up other liquids such as brake fluid, anti-freeze and power steering fluid. They should also perform a visual safety check, a brake check and inform you if any further work is needed.

Full Service

A far more detailed full service should be done every 12 months or at 12,000 miles. Servicing can help prevent more costly repairs further down the line. Inspections and diagnostics include the following:

  • Lights, including brake, fog, indicators, reverse and hazards
  • Fluids
  • A full inspection of brakes including fluid, pipes and pads
  • Tyre wear, tread, pressure and wheel balance, alignment and suspension
  • All engine components are thoroughly tested including transmission, filters, radiator, drive belt, spark plugs and exhaust
  • Battery
  • Electrics including wiring, the instrument panel and warning lights
  • Windscreen
  • Interior including seat belts, handbrake, air bags and seats

Finally, the vehicle is road tested to ensure no problems arise when the engine is running.

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