The Importance of Regularly Servicing your Car

Car Servicing from Just Renault

Overtime your car will inevitably suffer from minor wear and tear which can quite easily be dealt with. However, without regular car servicing, these problems are likely to develop into much more costly and sometimes dangerous issues. It is imperative that you have your car regularly serviced for a number of reasons, some of which are listed below;


Undoubtedly the most important reason to look after your car is to look after yourself and those in and around the car. Servicing your car regularly will ensure that all parts of the car are in working order and the vehicle as a whole is safe to drive. It only takes one small part of the car to fail to endanger the lives of you and the vehicles around you which is why it is your responsibility as a car owner to keep your car in working order.

As with anything in life, your car needs love and care which a regular servicing will provide. To keep them in a good working order, cars need regular maintenance. This will not only prolong the lifespan of various car parts but car as a whole so you are able to get your money’s worth.

Maintain Your Warranty

As all car owners with a new car will know, the warranty provided by the manufacturer is extremely important. If you do not properly adhere to the scheduled car servicing detailed in the warranty then you will no longer be entitled to these repairs being covered.


Just like purchasing a new phone or a house, a car is an investment and as with any investment it is important that you protect it. By servicing your car it can be kept in top condition inside and out so that if in the future you decide to sell it you won’t be faced with a sudden large expense to fix different issues. It also will probably sell much easier and for more money if you have been regularly taking it to be serviced over the years as there will be a record of every servicing. Equally if you happen to be involved in any car accident or the vehicle is damaged in some way, the insurance company is more likely to pay out a better sum than a car without servicing history.

Servicing will not only save you money in the long term with repairs but in terms of fuel costs. Getting your tyres, engine and brakes regularly checked, changed and maintained means that your vehicle will be much more fuel efficient, perform better and reduce your overall carbon footprint.

If you need a car servicing, whether a Renault or not, we can help. At Just Renault we offer servicing and repairs for all vehicles. Contact us now on 01922 632262 for more information.