Servicing and Repairs for your Renault Vehicle

Mechanic servicing renault car exhaustGetting a service for a modern car can be an expensive business. Time was, you could go to a local mechanic in overalls with plenty of grease and a spanner. They would sort out any problem no matter the make, model or age of car. Whether it was a Bentley or a Morris Minor, they'd be under the bonnet and fixing it on the spot. How times have changed!

Computers Conquer All

The modern car’s a different kettle of fish. Look under the bonnet and you’ll just see a nice plastic cover and not a lot else. The technology has moved massively in the last few years, and now you’ll have an on-board computer, recording everything you do. This means those general garages that survive have to specialise by make and model. And if yours is a Renault, we’re the people for you.

Renault Specialists

Because we’ve always specialised in Renault cars, here at Just Renaults we have a clear advantage.

Due to the large number of Renault parts, repairs and servicing that we've carried out over the years, we’ve been able to invest for the future and equip ourselves with the whole range of servicing equipment and diagnostic software, meaning we can quickly pinpoint any problems with your vehicle.

Our trained technicians will be able to perform repairs to the very highest standards, getting you back on the road quickly and without costing the earth. Of course it helps too that we stock a vast range of used spare parts ready to be fitted, so chances are we won’t have to wait for delivery either.

Only the Best

No job is too big or small for Just Renault. Our work is only done by qualified mechanics, and guaranteed to be the highest quality. Contact us now on 01922 632262.