Common Issues with the Renault Clio

Common Renault Clio Problems

Since the launch of the Clio back in 1990 the car has been a three and five door hatchback, a saloon, hot hatch and an estate car all while retaining its unique appearance.

However the Clio hasn’t been without its issues. All cars have their problems and the Renault Clio is no exception. Since its launch the Renault Clio has had a number of common issues that can be easily resolved by a local service and repair specialist. We’ve compiled a list of the most notable issues with the Clio on models released since 2001.

Brake Problems (2001-05)

A small number of Clio’s had issues with their brakes which posed a risk of servo assistance  failure. This was due to the positioning of the air pressure sensor being off.

Valve Problems (2005-12)

Some Clio’s were built with minor valve problems which – in the worst case scenario – can cause enough damage to destroy the engine and render it next to useless.

These issues are supposed to have been resolved by Renault but you can never be too cautious when looking to buy a car. Always check to see if proper maintenance has been performed on any used car.

Gearbox Problems (2005-12)

Gearbox issues have been reported by a small number of Clio owners. The problem causes the gearbox to switch gears without driver assistance as well as switching itself to manual mode. There have also been reports of drivers seeing incorrect displays on the dash or warning lights as a result.

Accelerator Problems (2001-05)

Accelerator problems in some Clio models during this period were as a result of a faulty contact on the accelerator pedal sensor.

These problems can be fixed by a local car specialist or mechanic or in more extreme cases by Renault themselves.

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If you’ve ever experienced any of these problems or have any other issues with your Renault Clio then give us a call on 01922 649010 or visit us at our site in Walsall and we’ll try and resolve your issue. We are Renault specialists and should be able to diagnose and fix your issue, whatever the problem.