Common Faults with the Renault Espace

Renault Espace Common Faults

Many cars are susceptible to common faults and the Renault Espace is no exception. Here are a common list of faults and ways to remedy them.

Stiff Doors

The Renault Espace is renowned for having stiff doors. This means that after a period of time, you may have difficulty opening and closing the doors. This problem is largely due to the rubber trim wearing down and it will require replacement of the trim on all affected doors to remedy the situation.

Problems with the Heater

Many people have reported problems with the heating of their Renault Espace. In many cases, the heater isn’t blowing out hot air and some people have reported wet patches on the floor. This is most likely due to the heater matrix which can be easily repaired and not too expensive, if bought second-hand.

Electrical Faults

This particular car can be prone to various electrical faults - the light on the dashboard should indicate what type of fault it is, however, this may not be accurate. A full diagnostics test is the best way to find out the type and the nature of the fault, so that it can be fixed accordingly.

Leaking Oil - Oil Sump

Another common problem with the Renault Espace is that drivers have reported that there is leaking from underneath the oil sump which can seep out under the bolts. This does require a replacement of the oil gasket to effectively resolve this issue.

Problems with EGR Valves

If you own the diesel version of the Renault Espace, you may have problems with the EGR valves. You may have noticed that there are problems with the power and you may experience issues when you are attempting to accelerate, particularly if you are trying to accelerate at a low speed. In many cases, this is due to the EGR valve being faulty. The best way to clarify the problem is to have a diagnostic test. In some cases, a simple clean may all that be is required to resolve the issue, however, if this does not work, the valve will require a replacement.

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