5 things to look out for when buying Used Car Parts

Buying Used Car Parts and Spares: What to look out for.In the average lifetime, aside from purchasing a property, buying a car will be one of your biggest expenses and just like any purchase it will be regular maintenance. However, over time regardless of proper care and maintenance you will find that your vehicle will need various parts replacing. Because of this often unprecedented expense, car owners will find themselves in search of used car parts and in doing so you will often find that you are able to save large amounts of money. Unfortunately, if not correctly sourced these parts can often be faulty and fail to live up to expectation, potentially costing you a lot more than intended. There are five keys things to watch out for when purchasing second hand spares, all of which are detailed below.

1. Tested or Untested

The first and most important step is to check whether the part is labelled as ‘tested’ or ‘untested’. Tested parts should work as described and have been trialled to ensure that they are in working order. Whereas with untested parts it is not always the case as they can be faulty or as spare parts that need some repairs. Often these untested parts are sold at second hand yards or on websites such as eBay. As a result you will not be guaranteed any replacements or money back if you encounter issues. This is why it is advisable to always find a reputable used part manufacturer or vehicle dismantling company to ensure the quality of the spare parts.

2. Getting the right Part

One of the biggest mistakes that customers will make is accidentally asking for the wrong car part. Each vehicle is built differently and needs very specific parts to run properly. When providing the manufacturer with information make sure you give them the cars make, model, fuel type, registration details, part number, engine code and gearbox type. If you are unable to find this information don’t worry as your registration details will more often than not be enough for the manufacturer to find which parts you require.

3. Check exactly what you're buying

It is important that you are aware what part exactly you are getting and what that includes/doesn’t include in comparison to your previous part. Certain car parts such as engines aren’t just the engine, they include a number of different parts such as air conditioning pumps, starter motors etc. It is important that you are aware that these things don’t always come with the part so it is imperative you ask the manufacturer.

4. Diagnose the Problem

You will sometimes find that even when you find a replacement for the broken car part, the problem with the vehicle isn’t fixed and the part is soon broken again. This is because the issue is not always with the broken part, it can be an issue with another area of the car that has caused the part to break as a result. In order to save yourself time and money it is important that you find out what the exact problem is before replacing anything.

5. Guarantees

Finally, it is important to ask about guarantees that come with the used part/s you are buying. Most reputable breakers will provide this as part of the sale and if you do encounter any issues with the spare part within the agreed time frame you will be able to contact them and resolve the issue.

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