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  • How Can I Ensure Used Spares & Car Parts Are Genuine?

    Genuine Car Engine Spares & Parts

    When you buy a new Renault, you can expect many years of trouble-free motoring. In newer cars, it’s unlikely anything will go wrong, but as vehicles get older, parts begin to wear out. If you’re buying an older Renault, you may be buying as seen and can’t vouch for the quality of parts inside.

    With many miles on the clock and occasional mistreatment, things will invariably go wrong. When they do it can often be difficult sourcing good quality spare parts at an affordable price. It’s even more difficult to be sure of their authenticity and quality.

    How Can I Be Sure?

    If you are running an older Renault, one of the best sources for genuine used Renault spares is from cars that have been salvaged. Here at Just Renault our name says it all; we specialise in breaking, recycling and servicing Renault vehicles.

    At our site in Walsall, we have a huge stock of parts for most models of Renault manufactured from 2000 to the present. So whether you need a wheel nut, wing mirror, or a whole engine, it’s likely we can help. We are a recommended and trusted supplier of good quality used parts just for Renaults.

    More Than Just a Breaker

    In fact, we’re far more than just any old breakers yard. Specialising in Renault vehicles since we were founded back in 1991, we have now become a fully licensed ‘End of Life Vehicle Treatment Facility’. This means we are authorised to salvage, reuse and recycle cars, ensuring that the parts we supply meet all relevant safety regulations.

    Better still, we have a wide range of Renault cars ready to scrap at any given time, so whatever part or spare you need we can deliver it quickly at a price that won’t hurt your pocket. Call our sales team now on 01922 632261.

  • Servicing and Repairs for your Renault Vehicle

    Mechanic servicing renault car exhaustGetting a service for a modern car can be an expensive business. Time was, you could go to a local mechanic in overalls with plenty of grease and a spanner. They would sort out any problem no matter the make, model or age of car. Whether it was a Bentley or a Morris Minor, they'd be under the bonnet and fixing it on the spot. How times have changed!

    Computers Conquer All

    The modern car’s a different kettle of fish. Look under the bonnet and you’ll just see a nice plastic cover and not a lot else. The technology has moved massively in the last few years, and now you’ll have an on-board computer, recording everything you do. This means those general garages that survive have to specialise by make and model. And if yours is a Renault, we’re the people for you.

    Renault Specialists

    Because we’ve always specialised in Renault cars, here at Just Renaults we have a clear advantage.

    Due to the large number of Renault parts, repairs and servicing that we've carried out over the years, we’ve been able to invest for the future and equip ourselves with the whole range of servicing equipment and diagnostic software, meaning we can quickly pinpoint any problems with your vehicle.

    Our trained technicians will be able to perform repairs to the very highest standards, getting you back on the road quickly and without costing the earth. Of course it helps too that we stock a vast range of used spare parts ready to be fitted, so chances are we won’t have to wait for delivery either.

    Only the Best

    No job is too big or small for Just Renault. Our work is only done by qualified mechanics, and guaranteed to be the highest quality. Contact us now on 01922 632262.

  • Upcoming Renault Car Model Releases for 2017

    New Renault Cars for 2017 - KoleosThe difficulties of the financial downturn seem long gone for this French manufacturer, with their successful 2016 to be followed up by an exciting 2017. Here are a few highlights of the Renault range to come.

    Mégane Sport Tourer

    For so long a popular family hatchback, the Mégane is now being rolled out into the compact estate class. This’ll be particularly useful if your family needs to be ferried off to university, as it comes with an impressive 580 litres of boot space!


    The new Koleos is set to make a splash in the family SUV market in 2017. This competitively priced car is genuinely off-road capable whilst being spacious and practical. It can automatically switch to front-wheel drive when it needs to, conserving fuel when its four-wheel drive isn’t necessary.

    Clio RS16 Sport

    Nicole is well in her forties now, and the Clio is still going strong. This is what happens when you put the engine from the celebrated Mégane RS275 Trophy-R inside the body of the latest Clio. How much more Va Va Voom can you reasonably expect?

    Twingo GT

    If you’re looking for a new city car, try the Twingo GT. Renault’s city car packs a little more punch than most; useful if you’re stuck in a traffic jam on the inner circle. This charismatic little car is filled to the brim with personality, and has some pretty impressive technology to boot!


    If you’ve surrendered your petrol head to the buzz of electricity, take a look at Renault’s Zoe. This year’s model comes with a 250-mile range from a single charge and it’s one of the cheapest EVs on the market, making Renault confident that it will be one of the top-selling EVs in 2017.

    At Just Renault we offer full car servicing and specialise in all Renault vehicles. We also offer quality used spares at fantastic prices available on site and online. For more information call us on 01922 632261 of fill out our contact form.

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